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Metamaterials enable breakthrough applications to do more with less.
More performance. Less energy. More sustainable materials. Lower cost.

NANOWEB® transparent conductive film has a wide range of applications with positive impacts on energy and resource usage.

  • As a replacement for ITO (Indium Tin Oxide), NANOWEB® can be fabricated using more widely available metals, such as silver and copper. Indium occurs in very low concentrations (20 to 350 parts per million) in base-metal ores, the majority is recovered from the residues of zinc ores; almost none is recycled.
  • As a passive antenna/reflector for 5G infrastructure. Due to the use of multiple frequencies, a typical 5G base station is estimated to consume 68% more power than for 4G. At the higher frequencies, which provide the highest data rates, range is short, and signals are easily blocked by objects. Passive reflectors can reduce the need for more powered base stations and small cells.
  • As a transparent heater for deicing and defogging. Embedded in a windshield, NANOWEB® is much more efficient than bulky hot air systems, extending electric vehicle range, and improving gasoline/diesel fuel economy.

Solar Energy: META is developing materials to improve solar energy performance, to enable new transportation applications, and to increase efficiency of stationary systems.

  • Ultra-thin, light weight and flexible cells are intended to provide onboard power and charging for aircraft and electric vehicles.
  • Nanostructured surfaces boost cell efficiency by trapping light that would otherwise be reflected, increasing absorption.
  • Angular absorption captures sunlight from all angles, increasing system performance and eliminating the need for costly tracking systems.
  • Flexible substrates and roll-to-roll processes scale to large areas and allow application to flat or curved surfaces.

Geothermal: META is collaborating with Sage Geosystems to apply metamaterials to produce utility scale geothermal power at 4c per kWh, 32-60% below current cost.

  • Thermo-Electric Generators (TEGs) placed into the wellbore harvest electricity directly from naturally occurring temperature differences within the well. This eliminates the need for a turbine generating plant on the surface. Nanoscale features improve the efficiency of thermoelectric materials by optimizing for high electrical conductivity and low thermal conductivity.
  • Moderate operating temperatures in mid-enthalpy (150-250º C), dry and sedimentary rock greatly expand the number of suitable locations accessible throughout the United States and the world.
  • A closed loop, vertical geothermal, single-well design reduces capital costs compared to typical dual or multi-well approaches. Moreover, it may be used to recomplete underperforming hydrothermal wells and depleted deep gas wells.
META attracts people from many countries and cultures. As a company, we have 25 spoken languages. As a team, we all speak the same language.

META is committed to train its workforce and is currently implementing a professional development program with its entire staff. Part of its recruiting efforts is a strong internship program, and over the last 6 years it has already completed 69 Co-op placements, with a total of 57 students. The company has been named as the top Co-op employer of the Year by Dalhousie University, and has been named Most Innovative Business of the year by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. META continues to invest in STEM and collaborate with Canada’s leading Colleges and Universities. To date, three of META’s co-op student placements have resulted in full time employment post graduation.

META believes that diversity drives creativity and innovation and was one of the first companies to commit to the 50 – 30 Challenge, an initiative between the Government of Canada, business, and diversity organizations. This project aims to help businesses develop a plan to improve access to job opportunities for underrepresented populations; racialized persons, people who identify as LGBTQ, people living with disabilities, as well as First Nations, Inuit and Métis. The ultimate goal is to have a workforce that is representative of Canada, including for positions of influence and leadership on corporate boards and in senior management.

META has started requesting staff to voluntarily disclose their ethnicity, gender identity and disabilities, in order to measure against the goals of the 50-30 Challenge, however at the moment it only records gender and country of birth. The statistics since 2016 are below separated by our permanent full-time staff, board, and full-time co-ops/interns.

META’s current percentage of female employees is in line with statistics on the average number of women in STEM professions. However, it has decreased over the last three years, so there will be a concentrated effort toward getting the percentage closer to 50%. META's workplace continues to be inclusive of ethnic and religious diversity, which the company believes is not just a business advantage, but it has become a core business strategy.

META has an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP), currently offering 11.6% equity to employees. It is an equal opportunity employer, attracting employees based on merit and encouraging diversity and equality. Employees include a number of different nationalities (ranging between 9-21 over the past six years) and speak a multitude of different languages (between 7-22 over the past six years). META has a built a culture of inclusion and diversity into all the processes of the organization.

META’s new 68,000 square foot R&D and manufacturing process development facility is situated on the outskirts of Halifax Nova Scotia in a location that is accessible to both inner city and suburban communities. The new facility will provide additional job opportunities for all the communities around the area and is more central, situated on several public transit routes, and is close to major arteries that connect to all Metropolitan Halifax. META expects to move its current HQ (Woodside, Dartmouth) and all of its staff to the new facility in 2021.

META is committed to maximizing value for all of our shareholders and stakeholders, while conducting our business in an ethical and safe manner.

Metamaterial is committed to good corporate governance practices. In accordance with guidelines recommended by securities regulators, our board of directors has formed an Audit Committee, a Governance and Nominating Committee, and a Human Resources and Compensation Committee. Our board, with the support of these committees, is responsible for enhancing and preserving long-term shareholder value and ensuring that Metamaterial conducts business in an ethical and safe manner.

Metamaterial, its directors, officers,and employees are governed by the following corporate governance mandates,charters and policies:

Board Mandate
Mandate for the Board of Directors

Board Committee Charters
Human Resources and Compensation Committee
Governance and Nominating Committee
Audit Committee

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Insider Trading Policy

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Get In Touch
Metamaterial Inc.
1 Research Drive / Dartmouth /  Nova Scotia / Canada / B2Y 4M9

Tel: 1-902-482-5729
Email: info@metamaterial.com